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News Releases

News items and press releases from Lucideon

Lucideon Microbiology Collaborates with Johnson & Johnson, Inc. to Visualise Impacts of Listerine® on Commensal Bacteria

A case study detailing the recent collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., and EM Analytical Ltd

Partnership Approach sees Lucideon and the National Composites Centre Deliver Next Generation Ceramic Composites Solutions

Lucideon and the NCC have forged a closer collaboration to develop advanced ceramic composites solutions

New Website sets out Lucideon’s Ambition for a Materially Better World

We have launched a new website, showcasing the storylines behind our pioneering work in advanced materials to a global audience

Lucideon's Attendance at The Advanced Ceramics Show

The Advanced Ceramics Show was a fantastic opportunity to exhibit our latest projects and show off our new look. Lucideon both exhibited and presented at the event 

In cosmetics Barcelona
Lucideon's Attendance at Cosmetics and in-cos Barcelona

Lucideon's first attendance as an exhibitor at in-cosmetics was a huge success! Our stand attracted a lot of attention from industry stalwarts, thanks to the sterling work of our team at the event

New Multi-Million-Pound Advanced Ceramics Centre

Lucideon is broadening its capabilities with access to a new state-of-the-art facility

MALLET Set to Revolutionise Disposal of Nuclear Waste

A pioneering new technique, designed to transform the process of nuclear waste disposal

Lucideon CEO Appointed to Advanced Ceramics Advisory Role

CEO of Lucideon has been appointed to a key role in the advanced materials and ceramics industries

Partnership Looks at Seawater’s Potential to Power Ceramic Production

New research is looking to the coast to explore ways to generate sustainable hydrogen supplies to power up the UK's ceramics sector.

Marketing Strategist Takes Key Role at Lucideon

Richard Goodhead, former Senior Vice President at Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace, brings more than 25 years of industry experience

Mortar durability testing
Lucideon Unveils Pioneering New Test for Mortar Durability

Lucideon has launched a pioneering new method to assess the durability of mortar

Anike Te
Lucideon's CSO Appointed to Honorary Professor Role

The Chief Strategy Officer at Lucideon is set to help the emerging field of engineering biology translate from academia to pioneering use in industry

Ceramic Production
£250k Grant Could Take the Heat Out of Ceramic Production

A Midlands-based industry and academia research project to explore game-changing methods of radically reducing energy consumption across the technical ceramics industry

MICG icon
Ceramics Consortium Launches First Stage of Major Project for Midlands

Ambitious plans to place the Midlands at the heart of the global advanced ceramics industry have been set out by a consortium from the region

Consortium Set Up to Develop Next Generation Battery Technology Receives Materials Boost from Morgan Advanced Materials

The consortium has received a significant boost, with the donation of a pioneering advanced material to the project

Lucideon, AMRICC & CaSE
Lucideon and AMRICC Join CaSE

The Campaign for Science and Engineering has welcomed MICG members, Lucideon and AMRICC, as organisational members.

Materials Expert at Lucideon Joins Ceramics Society

A materials expert at Lucideon has been appointed to a key scientific committee. Dr Richard White has joined as the company's representative on the Ceramic Science Committee

Update for 'Metal Release from Ceramic, Glass and Enamel Ware in Contact with Food' Guide

Lucideon has pulled together information from across the globe for the latest version of its cross-industry reference guide, which sets out details on the safe use of ceramic, glass and enamel ware in contact with food

Lucideon CICS Awarded Best Verification Company at Environmental Finance’s Annual Market Rankings

Lucideon CICS has been awarded 'Best Verification Company' for the EU ETS in the Environmental Finance annual Market Rankings

Lucideon Leads Project to Tackle Hazardous Nuclear Waste

Innovative cement solutions to tackle hazardous nuclear waste are being developed by Lucideon in partnership with NUVIA

Lucideon Led Consortium Receives Funding to Develop the Next Generation of Batteries

Lucideon, along with project partners, KWSP and Loughborough University, has received funding as part of UKRI's Faraday battery challenge fund

MICG icon
£18.27 Million Investment Puts Midlands Firmly on the Map for Advanced Ceramics

The Midlands Industrial Ceramics Group has secured £18.27 million in government funding provided through UK Research and Innovation’s flagship Strength in Places Fund, to put the area firmly on the map as a global centre for advanced ceramics

Nuclear Power Station
Lucideon and NNL Join Forces to Develop Global Nuclear Technology

Lucideon and the UK's National Nuclear Laboratory have forged a working agreement to develop Flash Sintering Technology for a variety of global nuclear applications

Advanced Ceramics
New Report Sets Out the Scale of Opportunity for The Midlands in Advanced Ceramics

A blueprint setting out the compelling opportunities for the Midlands to position itself as a world leader in advanced ceramics has been launched

Colour Standards on Mars
Lucideon Helps Put Colour in Perspective on Mission to Mars

Colour Standards developed by Lucideon are helping to ensure that the colours captured by the Perseverance mission to Mars are recorded to pinpoint accuracy

Nadcap Accredited
Lucideon Renews Nadcap Accreditation for Materials Testing

Lucideon is pleased to announce the renewal of its Nadcap accreditation for Materials Testing at the new, larger facility in Greenville, SC, USA

STFC Hartree Centre
Lucideon to Work with the STFC Hartree Centre to Accelerate the Development of Novel Ceramics

Lucideon has announced that it is working with the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Hartree Centre to explore the accelerated discovery and development of novel ceramics through computer modelling

New Japan Trade Deal Set to Spark Major Growth for Lucideon

Lucideon is set to benefit from seven-figure growth from the free trade agreement between the UK and Japan

Lucideon to Work on IRIFIO Project

Lucideon, along with consortium partners, I3D Robotics Ltd and Glass Technology Services Ltd, is to receive funding as part of UKRI's Transforming Foundation Industries programme for the IRIFIO, Intelligent Robotic Inspection for Foundation Industry Optimisation, project

Sintering Project Receives Transforming Foundation Industries Funding

Lucideon, along with consortium partners including Vesuvius UK Ltd, Glass Technology Services Ltd, the University of Sheffield and Knowles (UK) Limited is receiving funding as part of the Transforming Foundation Industries programme for the 'Hybrid Sintering for Decarbonisation and Productivity in Manufacturing' project

MICG icon
Government Funding Helps Advanced Ceramics Take Shape in the Midlands

Government funding provided through UK Research and Innovation's flagship 'Strength in Places Fund' has helped unlock plans to put the Midlands on a unique footing as a global centre for advanced technical ceramics

£350,000 Project Starts Lucideon and NNL’s Key Partnering Agreement for Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycle Research

Our pioneering work in the nuclear sector has taken a significant step forward. We have signed a partner agreement with the UK's National Nuclear Laboratory Advanced Fuels Cycle Programme as a research and development partner

PCL Ceramics
Lucideon and PCL Ceramics Join Forces

Lucideon and PCL Ceramics have joined forces to deliver new advances in processing across key market sectors

Lucideon Signs Memorandum to Research Ceramics Manufacture

Lucideon has signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Centre for Additive Manufacturing at the Coventry-based Manufacturing Technology Centre

Lucideon Offers Consultancy and a Range of Analytical Techniques to Identify Materials Used in Cladding

Lucideon provides an extensive range of analytical techniques to understand the composition and behaviours of cladding materials

Midlands Aerospace Alliance
Lucideon Becomes Member of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance

Lucideon is pleased to announce that it recently became a member of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance (MAA)

Lucideon and Dynatek Labs Form Strategic Partnership

The partnership will bring together a unique cohesion of skill sets, aligning industry leading expertise in both materials science and testing solutions

Innovate UK Project Success for Lucideon and Ionotec

Innovate UK collaborative feasibility study to assess the potential for Lucideon's Flash Sintering technology to manufacture beta-alumina solid electrolytes

Lucideon M+P Expanding Greenville County Presence

Lucideon M+P, a subsidiary of Lucideon Group Limited, is expanding its existing Greenville County presence with a $7.5 million investment

Lucideon Helps to Drive Next Generation Additive Manufacturing Process for Ceramics

Lucideon is part of a new research project that is set to rethink the additive manufacture of ceramics