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Lucideon Partnership Enables Seamless Certification Service for the Construction Industry Despite Brexit Uncertainty

Lucideon has forged a new partnership in Europe to enable UK construction product manufacturers to retain access to EU markets

Lucideon has joined forces with Czech Republic-based certification body TZUS to ensure companies can seamlessly achieve a wide-range of product certifications for the EU, whatever the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.


Offering one of the largest construction products testing and certification services in the UK, Lucideon has a large-scale construction laboratory on site at its headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent, with state-of-the art testing facilities including a significant strong-floor, heavy load lifting capabilities, 900 tonne compression loading rigs, large capacity hygrothermal testing chambers and an indoor dynamic wind loading and wind uplifting rig.

Under the new partnership, manufacturers can continue to deliver their products to Lucideon's UK site, with the company taking control of all the administration to ensure compliance with EU requirements.

Tony Kinsella, CEO of Lucideon, said: "We might be facing uncertain times, but we've been working to ensure continuity for clients, through a cost-effective and flexible service that will enable product certifications for the EU to be continued.

"TZUS is a large and well-respected certification body and the partnership will provide a seamless service for UK construction manufacturers wanting to place products on the EU market, regardless of a Brexit deal or no deal situation."


April 2019