From raw materials and construction products to buildings and infrastructure, whether new or redevelopment projects, at Lucideon we are experts in all things construction.

Thanks to our materials expertise, extensive testing facilities, knowledge of current regulations and industry experience we are able to work with raw material producers, manufacturers, designers, contractors, building managers and end-users to optimize performance of materials, buildings and structures.


As one of the leading testing facilities in Europe, and with laboratories worldwide, we offer quick and cost-effective testing of anything from raw materials and finished products to full scale structures, both in our purpose-built laboratories or on-site. Regulations and guidelines are complex and constantly changing; our experts, who have worked closely with regulatory bodies over the years, can advise you on testing and certification to ensure materials, products and structures conform to standards and meet specifications.


We don't just provide testing - thanks to our industry experience, knowledge of regulations and legislation, and problem-solving expertise, we work to help you improve performance, develop novel products and improve existing ones, comply with regulations, solve problems, and realise products and projects from conception, quickly and cost-effectively.

Lucideon’s experts sit on a number of relevant committees including, at the European level, CEN/TC 125 for Masonry and many of its sub-groups, TC 250/SC6 and, at the national level, BSI committees B519 (Chair) Masonry and associated testing, B519/1 for Masonry units, B519/2 for Masonry mortar and rendering and plastering mortar, B519/3 (Chair) Ancillary components for masonry, B525/6 and B525/6/1 for Use of masonry and B546 for UK input to CEN/TC 254 and CEN/TC 361 (the Eurocode committee).

Building Products

From bricks, blocks, pavers, cement and adhesives to concrete, floors, stone, tiles, metal and glass, we offer a full testing and analysis service to ensure that your products are fit for purpose, conform to current standards and achieve certification quickly and cost-effectively. At Lucideon, though, we don't just provide testing; from new product development to process optimization and failure analysis, our experts will work with you to keep you ahead of the competition and to drive profitability.


From walls to floors to new buildings and renovation projects, at Lucideon we have many years of experience in both testing structures and in providing consultancy. Structural testing is an integral part of the modern construction industry, whether it be proving individual components or materials that are fit for purpose or testing novel or existing structures on-site. We are unique in having a purpose-built structural testing laboratory that can test structures up to three stories high. At Lucideon though, we do much more than just testing - we work with manufacturers, designers, contractors and building owners to provide solutions to any structural problems.

Standards and Legislation

Standards, regulations and legislation are part and parcel of the modern construction sector. Whether you are a manufacturer, designer/architect or user, an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the requirements, of both materials and applications is essential. As experts in the field, we have access to a vast array of documentation and play a major role in influencing and producing the content of these UK and European documents.

Lucideon represents the UK on a number of construction related standards and regulatory committees, including CEN (Committee for European Standardisation) and BSI (British Standards Institution). From this involvement we are able to offer up-to-date advice and guidance on standards and the regulatory and legislative framework connected with the construction sector, such as the European Code of Practice for the design of masonry and the European Standards for masonry units, mortars and ancillary components. Lucideon is a Notified Body for testing a wide range of products covered by the Construction Products Directive for CE marking purposes.

Lucideon is a Notified Body (NB 1289) under the Construction Products Regulation (EU) 305/2011 for the assessment and verification of construction products. Lucideon maintains impartial procedures for all work performed as a Notified Body to safeguard its independence.

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