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Lucideon Invests in New EDS Instrument

Lucideon has invested in a new EDS (Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy) instrument for its laboratory in Schenectady, New York. The EDS instrument is an important investment for the analytical support offered by Lucideon’s orthopaedic wear and fatigue testing department

Lucideon provides a dedicated wear testing service for orthopaedic implants that is supported by the company's expertise in materials analysis. The new EDS has been purchased by Lucideon to help meet the company's growing demand for wear testing and analysis, amongst other applications and sectors. The EDS will be used in conjunction with SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) and with its powerful image analysis software, experts can quantitatively analyse different species present in the sample, at a very fast rate.


Joe Foroughi, Manager, Chemistry at Lucideon, said:

"Our new EDS detector extends our expertise in using Scanning Electron Microscopy to analyze materials and particles to solve problems and answer questions for our clients. To compare the performance of orthopedic implants, we analyze particles generated during long term programs on our hip and knee wear test machines.

"We characterize the composition, size and shape of microscopic particles using the new EDS detector and its advanced software. Large data sets of particulate compositions and dimensions can be efficiently compiled using the system's instrument automation, with set up and post-acquisition review and interpretation by our experts."

Lucideon has also recently doubled its wear testing capacity with purchases of new state-of-the-art Prosim and AMTI simulators, as a further commitment to its orthopedic implant manufacturing clients. Lucideon has wear and fatigue testing laboratories in the UK and US which support orthopedic manufacturers in their product designs, developments and testing in preparation for regulatory submission.


February 2017