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At Lucideon we have the capabilities to solve your problems. The combination of our people, expertise, knowledge, materials technology developments, and state-of-the-art facilities such as our accredited laboratories, provide a unique set of services to overcome your challenges and deliver excellence.




Our Service Portfolio includes:

Materials & Process Consultancy, to:

  • Aid product development
  • Optimise products and processes
  • Solve failures and prevent them from reoccurring
  • Develop the products and applications of the future

Testing & Characterisation, to:

  • Help you understand your materials and products better
  • Aid product development and performance improvement
  • Ensure products are fit for purpose and conform to regulations
  • Solve failures and prevent them from reoccurring



Materials Technologies, to:

  • Develop the disruptive technologies of the future
  • Be first to market with the next generation of products
  • Be game changers in your industry

Technology Partnerships, to:

  • Help you develop new products and technologies
  • Improve performance of your products and processes
  • Solve your day-to-day challenges


Lucideon is home to The AMRICC Centre, a hub for companies to seek technical support on their product development and commercialisation journey.

Our IMPACTTM capability provides computational tools to enhance the materials research & development lifecycle.



We manufacture and supply ceramic Colour Standards – these are internationally recognised as the leading standards for use in colour measurement and calibration.

We also offer assurance services through Lucideon CICS Limited, a leading global provider of sustainability assurance and management systems certification.



In the UK, Lucideon is a UKAS-accredited testing laboratory (No. 0013), and our Pharmaceutical/GMP Laboratories hold an MHRA Certificate of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Compliance (No. UK GMP 43644 Insp GMP/IMP 43644/34927202-0002, dated 29/02/2024) for contract QC (Quality Control) Testing of Human and Veterinary Medicines. The Lucideon Pharmaceutical/GMP Laboratories also hold a current FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Certificate of Registration and were successfully inspected by FDA in Sep-2019.

In the US Lucideon is Nadcap-accredited and has 10 CFR 50 Appendix B Quality Assurance accreditation.


Featured Testing & Characterisation

Some of our capabilities for materials testing & analysis

Structural Testing
Building structures

An integral part of construction industry procedures for demonstrating that components or materials are fit for purpose and for testing existing structures

Ceramic Tableware

Ceramics are everywhere. Developing the next generation of products and getting them to market, quickly and cost-effectively is key to Lucideon

Chemical Analysis
Chemical analysis

Chemical analysis is conducted for a wide range of purposes from material identification and characterisation to quality control monitoring

High Temperature Testing
High temperature performance

Lucideon offers high temperature testing up to determine the variation in mechanical properties for a range of ceramic, metallic, and composite materials

Microbiology & pharmaceutical

Whether testing to established methods, or developing QC solutions, our GMP laboratories ensure that your products meet all the required specifications

Orthopaedic testing

From an initial service offering of wear testing of implants, Lucideon has expanded its service portfolio to include a range of testing & analysis services