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Lucideon Targets Aerospace, Defence, and Nuclear Sectors for High-Temperature Materials Testing

In a bid to meet the soaring demands of the aerospace, defence, and nuclear markets, companies are intensifying efforts to gauge the performance of materials under extreme conditions

Lucideon has positioned itself as a pivotal player in this realm, offering expertise and infrastructure to assist companies in understanding material behaviour and enhancing performance in harsh environments.

The escalating need for materials capable of withstanding higher temperatures, driven by the pursuit of faster and more durable flight systems in the defence market, has prompted a surge in testing requirements. Existing materials are being pushed beyond known limits, urging companies to explore new materials better suited for these demanding conditions.



Lucideon's focus on providing solutions for such challenges has proven pivotal. Leveraging its capabilities, the company collaborates with clients to comprehend material utilisation, devising test programs that closely simulate operational conditions. The output data is tailored to facilitate informed decision-making, thereby mitigating risks associated with program designs.

"We have the infrastructure and expertise to work with clients to understand how their materials will be used, design a test program that simulates that condition (at least as close as practical) and outputs the data in a form that can be used to make informed decisions and de-risk program designs," highlighted Dan Cunningham, Business Manager – Aerospace, Defence & Nuclear from Lucideon.

The company has already made strides in high-temperature testing, particularly in high-temperature mechanical testing, and is witnessing a surge in demand for bespoke testing of advanced ceramics. Lucideon's ability to cater to these specialised testing needs has positioned it as a go-to resource for companies seeking cutting-edge material solutions in these sectors.

With the Aerospace, Defence, and Nuclear markets poised for continuous advancement and innovation, Lucideon's niche expertise in materials testing at elevated temperatures stands as a critical resource, ensuring the development of materials that can endure the rigors of increasingly harsh operational conditions.

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Dec 2023