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£10 Million Open-Access AMRICC Centre sets out the Future for Advanced Ceramics at Official Launch

Last week, Lucideon hosted the launch event for the AMRICC centre, a £10 million open-access facility that is poised to revolutionise the landscape of advanced ceramics

Situated at Lucideon's site in Staffordshire, the centre aims to provide a unique cutting-edge facility at the forefront of the global advanced ceramics sector.

The unveiling ceremony, attended by industry leaders, academic figures, and public officials, marked a significant milestone in the region's pursuit of excellence in ceramic innovation. Jo Gideon MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Ceramics, ceremoniously inaugurated the centre, emphasising its pivotal role in driving innovation within the ceramics industry.

AMRICC Centre Launch


The centre's open-access format and cutting-edge equipment suite, comprising over 350 pieces of high-value technology, position it as a catalyst for translating research into tangible products and solutions. Richard Goodhead, Chief Marketing Officer at Lucideon, underscored its strategic importance in positioning participating organisations as leaders in the global ceramics sector. With an open-access format and state-of-the-art technology suite, the centre is primed to further enhance the translation of ground-breaking research into tangible solutions, something at which Lucideon excels.

Supported by an £18.27 million investment from the UK government through the Strength in Places Fund, The AMRICC Centre is the culmination of the Midlands Industrial Ceramics Group's four-year research program.

Lucideon, as a financial sponsor and founding partner, has been instrumental in its realisation, both hosting and managing the unique centre, and utilising the centre's capabilities to further enhance its service offerings.


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Feb 2024