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Independent verification and certification’s a complex business.

Having your own personal guide makes it so much simpler.

Lucideon CICS Limited is a leading global expert in verification and certification services.


At Lucideon we offer independent verification of greenhouse gas or carbon emissions for both voluntary and mandatory reporting schemes


With a team of knowledgeable and experienced auditors, we provide impartial management system and product-specific certifications

We have expanded our Greenhouse verification services to cover SECR. Our verification services ensure that the data you put into the public domain is complete, accurate and transparent. Lucideon verifiers are experienced carbon and energy auditors and not just cross trained financial auditors - they therefore understand your operations and measurement/monitoring processes

Ofgem Sustainability Audits


If you are making claims under RHI or Renewables Obligation you will need a mandatory independent ISAE3000 audit

ETS Verification


Independent third party verification of Greenhouse Gas emissions for the EU and UK Emissions Trading Schemes

ISO 50001


Discover more about ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems Certification and see our video - the benefits of ISO 50001

CDP Verification

Are you taking action to be sustainable by measuring and understanding your environmental impact? Do you want to increase your Carbon Disclosure Project score?

Improving corporate awareness through measurement and disclosure of your data and having your emissions verified by an independent third-party can dramatically improve your score. Indeed, even demonstrating that you are in the process of having your emissions verified can add points to your score.

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