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Aerospace & Defence

Aerospace & Defence Industry Services

The aerospace and defence industry is ever-changing, meaning, as materials and process experts, we are ideally placed to develop lighter, safer, stronger, and smarter solutions, whether that is for aircraft, engines, or space applications.

With materials expertise and extensive cross-industry experience we can provide you with materials and process development and optimisation, root cause investigation of failures, and additive manufacturing (AM) support.

From our state-of-the-art laboratories (Nadcap-approved and ISO 17025 compliant) we also provide characterisation of materials and coatings, high temperature and specialised mechanical testing, and validation testing of AM components, across all elements of the Aerospace and Defence industry.

The rapid rise in the space sector over the past 5 years has created an equally rapid rise in the need for advanced materials to withstand the harsh operating environments. This market pull, along with support from our existing client base, has led us to invest in an expansion of our mechanical testing and surface contamination capabilities, to include cryogenic environments and Molecular Organic Contamination (MOC) Testing equipment respectively.


Why Lucideon?

Our expertise, knowledge, and experience as materials consultants across multiple sectors provides an unrivalled and powerful service to our customers. We can support, advise, and offer an intelligent and integrated solution.

Some of the Aerospace & Defence Projects we have been involved in:

  • Design and development of thermal barrier coatings, layers, and components
  • Analysis of high temperature materials, e.g., for use in turbine blades
  • Detailed material failure analysis of engine and airframe components
  • Materials innovation for stronger and lighter protective personnel and vehicle armour
  • Materials selection, integrated component design, and testing for extreme temperature and shock in operation
  • Surface contamination analysis and solution design for printed circuit board manufacture
  • Corrosion analysis and root cause determinations
  • Rational materials selection and design for minimised environmental impacts
  • Guidance on materials selection and design for legislation
  • Component design and near-net-shape fabrication processes


Testing & characterisation

» Testing & characterisation services for the aerospace and defence industries

White Papers

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Case Studies

Rolls-Royce Engine
Lucideon's Surface Analysis Provides Key Data for Rolls-Royce

Monitoring of the in-depth distribution of key alloying elements and trace elements using SIMS

Additive Manufacturing
Lucideon Assists in Identifying Root Cause of Cracking in Additive Manufactured Components

Lucideon's additive manufacturing expertise helped identify root cause of product failure

Ceramic Body Armour

A manufacturer of ceramic armour for military vehicles and personnel sought pressure-cast forming expertise