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Lucideon Offers Consultancy and a Range of Analytical Techniques to Identify Materials Used in Cladding

Lucideon provides an extensive range of analytical techniques to understand the composition and behaviours of cladding materials.

Given recent catastrophic fires in residential accommodation where cladding was present on the exterior of the buildings, many questions are now being raised about the compliance and flammability of cladding materials, especially the cores. In several of the recent building blazes, cladding materials were implicated as a contributing factor in the fires.

Identifying the composition and understanding the behaviour of cladding cores and interfaces is imperative in order to prevent failures in the event of a fire.

Testing cladding systems helps building owners, facilities managers, insurers and fire consultants ascertain the make-up, flammability potential and toxicity of the materials.

Joanne Booth, business manager for construction at Lucideon said:

"At Lucideon, we have an experienced team of scientists and engineers who conduct sampling both onsite and from off-cut panels for analysis in our laboratories. The analysis techniques we employ are wide ranging and available throughout the UK and internationally.

"The techniques provide elemental analysis of materials and identify polymers, inorganic compounds and crystalline materials, as well as their quantities.

"Analysing the materials used in cladding systems is the best route to ensuring product performance and ultimately the safety of occupants."

For further information about Lucideon's analytical techniques to identify cladding materials, click here


February 2020