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New Website sets out Lucideon’s Ambition for a Materially Better World

We have launched a new website, showcasing the storylines behind our pioneering work in advanced materials to a global audience

Offering an immersive experience for viewers, the website sets out our work in a relevant, impactful, and memorable way to target sectors, including aerospace, defence, ceramics, construction, energy, and healthcare.

It goes behind the scenes to explore our market-leading position as a development and commercialisation organisation (DCO), with a service portfolio across the world and beyond, including the Perseverance mission to Mars.

Lucideon Website

Focusing on explaining how we are making the world a materially better place, the website, designed by Stoke-on-Trent based digital marketing agency Plinkfizz and built by Pepper Digital, draws on a range of resources including the expertise and insight of our international staff.

Details of our cutting-edge technologies, as well as an overview of our renowned problem-solving capabilities, are also included - all explained through a range of multi-media content.

Richard Goodhead, our Chief Marketing Officer, said: “We wanted to showcase, through the use of stories, how we are striving to make the world a materially better place.

“We’ve put a strong focus on trying to inform in an engaging way, communicating the vast breadth of our capabilities in a way that is both easy to assimilate and navigate, and also offers an enjoyable experience for viewers.”

Operating at the heart of the global, multi-billion-pound advanced materials sector, we specialise in materials science, offering consultancy backed up by our own proprietary technology platforms and a deep testing and characterisation capability, as well as offering colour standards, technology partnerships, and assurance.

Richard added: “We are at a really exciting point in our company’s story and the potential for further success is enormous.

“We wanted to ensure the new website captures that and explains to clients how we can support them by bringing together innovation and commercial knowledge to deliver significant advantage to their business operations.”


July 2023