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Typical Areas of Application

Application areas of our consultancy services

Additive Manufacturing

If you’re involved in Additive Manufacturing (AM), Lucideon provides all the support you need to develop and optimise your AM products and processes


Advanced Ceramics

For over 100 years, we’ve been instrumental in fostering the growth of the range of potential applications for advanced ceramics through consultancy and testing



The market for batteries has grown exponentially, but current state-of-the-art batteries are still far from perfect. The race is on to find the next technology to replace lithium batteries or to use other smart materials to improve them


Ceramic-Matrix Composites

Developments in nuclear and aerospace & defence sectors are leading to demand for materials that can operate at higher temperatures than ever before, and one potentially promising solution is CMCs


Fuel Cells / Electrolysers

Energy storage solutions are required in sizes ranging from personal use to commercial storage. All types of energy storage devices include multiple materials, complex chemistries, surface and interface reactions, efficiency, and cost-out challenges


Medical Devices

Through our materials expertise we offer product and process development and testing and analysis services to medical device manufacturers and suppliers



Whether you're finding the root cause of failures, developing the next generation of products, or fulfilling QA / QC requirements, Lucideon offers an array of microbiology testing services to suit your needs


Net Zero

Organisations are shifting and contributing towards net zero targets by adopting innovative technologies; Lucideon is working with these organisations to resolve the materials challenges associated with these new emerging technologies



Lucideon's expertise spans the nuclear industry, from new materials development and selection, comprehensive testing and analysis, to additive manufacturing support and failure analysis



With extensive experience in the field of refractories, Lucideon provides a unique combination of materials testing and consultancy to clients worldwide


Traditional Ceramics

Lucideon has over a hundred years of experience in supporting traditional ceramics. From our origin as the British Ceramic Research Association, the heritage is in our DNA