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Hydrogen Fired Kilns

Hydrogen Fired Kilns

Lucideon houses two cutting-edge facilities for kiln research and development incorporating hydrogen fuel, where innovation meets sustainability in ceramic manufacturing.  Since April 2022, we've been leading the charge in exploring the potential of hydrogen as a clean fuel for kilns. Our state-of-the-art kilns, operate at temperatures up to 1650°C (3000°F) in both oxidising and reducing atmospheres, offering a unique blend of versatility and precision.


One of the key advantages of using hydrogen as a fuel is its clean combustion, producing only water vapour as a by-product. However, this can introduce challenges in ceramic manufacturing, as the presence of water vapour can affect the properties of finished products. At Lucideon, we're experts in identifying and mitigating these challenges, ensuring that manufacturers achieve consistent quality and performance in their products when using hydrogen or hydrogen blends as a fuel.

What sets us apart is our ability to customise the firing processes, for traditional to advanced ceramics, using blends of hydrogen and natural gas ranging from 1% to 100% hydrogen and our expertise in harnessing the power of hydrogen as a clean, sustainable fuel for kilns. This flexibility allows manufacturers to tailor their processes for optimal performance, sustainability, and reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on performance.


Our continuous kiln takes customisation a step further with multiple burner ports, enabling us to tune the kiln to accommodate different fuel blends at different stages of production. This unparalleled capability ensures maximum efficiency and performance while minimising environmental impact.

Whether you're a ceramic product manufacturer seeking to optimise your processes or a kiln parts manufacturer looking to explore the effects of hydrogen combustion, Lucideon offers the expertise and facilities you need to stay ahead of the competition. Join us in shaping the future of ceramic manufacturing with clean, efficient, and sustainable solutions.