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Types of Consultancy

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Failure Analysis

We work with you to analyse failures, find their root cause and, more importantly, provide timely and cost-effective solutions. 
At Lucideon, we know that identifying material, process and product faults and failures, and finding the root cause of failures quickly, are of paramount importance in order to avoid downtime, inform product development, and ensure buyer satisfaction


Materials Selection

The sheer magnitude of available materials can make selecting the correct one for your application a daunting task. Sticking with what you know or materials you have used in the past is risky and could mean missing out on that all important competitive advantage


Materials Characterisation

The key to improving performance, developing future products and preventing failures is understanding what materials are made from, their structure and properties, and how they interact with each other and their environment


Materials Development

Our aim is to help you stay ahead of the game, be first to market and gain a competitive advantage by helping you develop the next generation of products


Process Optimisation

We don't just work at the materials / products and the lab-scale, we always consider processing routes when we're helping you to develop new products or improve existing ones


Product Optimisation

You want your products to be the best they can be, to perform optimally and to never fail. And you want to develop the next generation of products to ensure that you lead in your field. We can help you to do this


Computational Techniques

Clients come to Lucideon for solutions to some of the riskiest and time-consuming parts of the R&D lifecycle, IMPACTTM uses First Principle Guidance, Finite Element Analysis, and Machine Learning to optimise the design, synthesis, and characterisation of novel and existing materials and processes