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Compliance Deadline for NHBC Watertight Membrane Certification Approaches

Following the publication of a new National House-Building Council (NHBC) technical guidance document, newly built NHBC properties will need to satisfy EAD 030352-00-0503 – ‘Liquid Applied Watertight Covering Kits for Wet Room Floors and/or Walls’

New NHBC properties will need to comply with the 9.2/06 technical guidance document, with the compliance deadline set for March 2024.

Are You Compliant?


Lucideon is ready to partner with watertight covering kit product manufacturers to beat the clock and help to secure necessary certification.

Lucideon’s Structures team is capable of assisting with all aspects of structural testing relating to this change, including water tightness, crack bridging ability, bond strength, and resistance to temperature, water, alkalinity, mechanical wear, and more.

» See the full technical document here

Products, systems, or kits will need to be tested for compatibility with different substrates which will be applied to wall or flooring areas in bath and shower enclosures, wet rooms, and bathroom pods. This testing requires certification via either British Board of Agrément (BBA) or KIWA BDA.

We've already helped several companies to progress their products towards certification – our expert team guarantees a timely response to enquiries, and has the experience to expedite certification as quickly as possible.

» View further details about Lucideon’s construction industry services here

If you're a manufacturer affected by this change, contact Karen Allright at or fill out an enquiry form to see how we can help to start your certification process, and begin the new year with peace of mind.


Dec 2023