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Case Studies

Case Studies

At Lucideon, we have worked on many different and diverse projects across a wide range of materials and industries. Read here about some of the work we have done

Electricity Pylons
Flash Sintering Helps to Clean up Green Energy

Application of Lucideon's Flash Sintering Technology

Lucideon Supports Wockhardt to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine to Market

Testing carried out at Lucideon's GMP testing laboratories and analytical chemistry facilities

Dental Implant
Method Development Helps Nobel Biocare in Medical Device Optimisation

Characterisation of the surface chemical composition of medical implants

Lucideon & GSK Consumer Healthcare Compare the Effects of Different Toothpastes on Teeth

A high-resolution surface topography method was utilised to measure dentine tissue loss and surface roughness

Hammersmith Flyover
Lucideon Validates the Performance of the UHPFRC for Fryssinet and the Restoration of the Hammersmith Flyover

Testing provided evidence that the strength requirements of the UHPFRC were met at each stage of the flyover restoration process

External Wall Insulation System
Lucideon Develops Customised Testing Program for Mauer's Novel EWI System

One of Mauer’s unique EWI systems achieved certification through the development of a customized testing program

Sun Cream
Croda & Lucideon Further Optimise Coating Coverage and Application

Lucideon testing helps to optimize the coating process of powders

Additive Manufacturing
Lucideon Assists in Identifying Root Cause of Cracking in Additive Manufactured Components

Lucideon's additive manufacturing expertise helped identify root cause of product failure

Rolls-Royce Engine
Lucideon's Surface Analysis Provides Key Data for Rolls-Royce

Monitoring of the in-depth distribution of key alloying elements and trace elements using SIMS

Surface Cleanliness of Orthopaedic Instruments

Lucideon assists in identification and prevention of staining of orthopaedic instruments

Lucideon Expertise is a Winner with Ikea

IKEA wished to appoint a preferred consultant for ceramic product sourcing around the globe

Battersea Power Station
Brickwork Evaluation of Battersea Power Station

Brickwork testing for the Battersea Power Station redevelopment project

Lucideon Helps Hemsec Gain Composite Panel ETA Accreditation and CE Certification

Testing enabled Hemsec to attain ETA accreditation and CE certification for their structural insulated panels

Safe Confinement at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Testing of unique cladding system and its components

Topps Tiles
Topps Tiles

Benchmarking study carried out by Lucideon

Lucideon Helps Greatbatch Medical to Gain FDA Acceptance

Lucideon has worked with Greatbatch Medical to help them gain FDA approval

Knee Joint
Raw Material Validation for TiGenix Ltd

Testing and analysis provided by Lucideon

NTS Case Study
Lucideon Provides Customised Materials Testing Project for NTS (Phase 2)

A customised materials testing project for Nuclear Transport Services (NTS), UK (Phase 2)

NTS Case Study
Lucideon Provides Customised Materials Testing Project for NTS (Phase 1)

A customised materials testing project for Nuclear Transport Services (NTS), UK (Phase 1)

Lucideon Supports Environmental Monitoring Qualification of GMP Laboratories

Environmental monitoring qualification of new facilities

Lucideon Solves Processing Challenge

Resolution of a manufacturing issue with fragile tableted products

Cleaning Product
Lucideon Validates the Efficacy of Sterilising Products

Validation of the effectiveness of detergents, cleaning wipes and spray and wipe products in removing surface bacteria

Stainless Steel Orthopaedic Instrument
When the Unexpected Happens to Your Polymer Components

Analysis of failed polymer components in orthopaedic instruments using a range of testing and analysis techniques

Lucideon Proved Incorrect Materials were Sourced and Used for New Warehouse Floor

Analysis of concrete and screed identified that the flooring materials specified were not used and lower-cost alternatives were sourced

Precast Concrete Panels
Major Concrete Manufacturer Extends Range to Include a Precast Concrete Modular Housing System

Testing and consultancy enabled third party insurance and building control sign-offs

Wall containing bond beams
Testing for Masonry Reinforced by Bond Beams & Columns to Resist Lateral Load

Tests to determine the strength of walls constructed with bond beams

Encapsulation of Bleach

Encapsulation of bleach helps to maintain activity in application environment

Washing Machine
Lucideon Helps Consumer Product Manufacturer Measure Effectiveness of Washing Machine Soap

Lucideon method development helps quantify effectiveness of washing machine soap

Spontaneous Failure of a Medical Device During Secondary Processing

Lucideon's additive manufacturing expertise helped identify root cause of product failure

Orthopaedic Implant
Lucideon Helps Determine Impact of Hot Isostatic Pressing on Fatigue Life of Ti-6Al-4V Component

Lucideon expertise helped a client with additive manufactured implants

Hip Joint Replacement
Lucideon Expertise Helps with Additive Manufacturing HIP Issues

We helped our client with discolouration issues after hot isostatic pressing

AM Powder
Lucideon Helps Additive Manufacturer Solve Powder Inconsistency

Lucideon expertise helps develop powder conditioning procedure to improve processing

Novel Processing of Bioactive Inorganic Materials

Lucideon expertise allows new elements to be included in products.

Optimisation of Tablet Manufacture

Optimisation of powders for tablet pressing

Washing Hair
Lucideon Investigates Hair Care Products

Lucideon uses surface analysis to investigate hair care products

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Cleanliness Measurement on High-Performance Metal Components

Application of Lucideon's cleaning validation procedure - Validata

Colour Standards and the Euro

New standards produced for Euro currency colour consistency

Colour Standards and the International Wool Textile Organisation

Standards to ensure consistency in the calibration of the instruments used to measure raw wool colour

Ceramic Body Armour

A manufacturer of ceramic armour for military vehicles and personnel sought pressure-cast forming expertise

Surface Yellowing of a Drug Tablet upon Light Exposure

ToF-SIMS investigation into tablet discolouration

Crystallite Contamination
Crystallite Contamination in a Drug Formulation

Analysis by time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry

Ceramic Basin
Pinholing in Sanitaryware

Scanning electron microscopy was used to identify the cause of a glaze pinhole fault in sanitaryware manufacture

Slate Roofing Tiles
Natural Roofing Slate Staining

Lucideon's assistance to Pretty's Solicitors