Lucideon is a leading materials technology company providing expert consultancy and testing services for manufacturing and research and development support. Our dedicated healthcare experts specialize in testing and developing technologies for medical devices, consumer healthcare and homecare products and pharmaceuticals.

Medical Devices

We work with medical device manufacturers and suppliers to develop robust, safe and innovative products that meet regulatory approval.  We develop innovative materials technology platforms that can be applied to developing your new products.

Consumer Healthcare & Homecare

We offer materials formulation, compositional analysis, product marketing/claim substantiation support and packaging failure analysis across a wide range of consumer healthcare products including cleaning products, toothpaste and skincare products.  We also develop novel materials that add function to your products, including controlled release, encapsulation, absorption and improved optical properties.


We are able to work with pharmaceutical companies and those along their supply chain to add value to products, optimize manufacturing routes and solve problems.  We undertake quality control testing, along with a range of other services for the pharmaceutical industry in our new state-of-the-art testing facilities.  We have a range of drug delivery platforms that solve major industry challenges, such as abuse deterrence and bioavailability.

Lucideon is a single supplier for a wide range of testing and analysis services.  You benefit from open and straight forward communication with the people that actually do your work, with confidence that our experts will generate reliable, relevant and reproducible data sets.  We build a long standing, working partnership that ensures familiarity and a shared commitment to every project.  We work to agreed protocols with each client to create a flexible and productive working environment that suits you.

Lucideon's materials experts provide development, testing and analysis services through a family of ISO 17025 accredited laboratories around the world.  In the UK, we are a UKAS accredited testing laboratory (No. 0013) to ISO 17025.

For our full list of UKAS accredited tests, click here [PDF File, 455KB].


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