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Healthcare Sector Services

Lucideon is a world-leading materials development and technology commercialisation organisation, providing expert consultancy, technology development, and testing services for manufacturing and research & development support.

Our healthcare expertise is focused on the orthopaedics, consumer products, pharmaceutical, dental, wound & tissue repair, and vascular / cardiovascular sectors.


Healthcare Sector

Our consultative approach helps to free up your internal resources and speed up development times, and brings our expertise into the heart of your team. We optimise processes and products, advising on materials selection, manufacturing methods, quality control and more. We consider the context of every requirement as a part of your wider operations and company goals to ensure that our solutions are right for your purpose.

Using our in-house technology development team, we produce technologies that tackle the issues faced by healthcare manufacturers. Using these technologies, we work with clients to develop market-disrupting products, giving them the competitive advantage. Our current technologies that are being employed in the healthcare sector are Inorganic Controlled Release Technology (iCRT) and Flash Sintering.

From our ISO 17025-accredited laboratories, we provide a wide range of testing including physical, chemical and microbiological testing. Our aim is to support you throughout your research and development, manufacturing and quality control processes.

We will help you innovate to develop the next market-leading products.


Testing & characterisation

» Testing & characterisation services for the healthcare sector

White Papers

Protecting Products and Patients in Today's Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic

In this white paper, we discuss the journey behind Lucideon's proprietary iCRT-deter technology

Reusable Medical Devices
Cleaning and Sterilization Validation of Reusable Medical Devices

Nosocomial infections (hospital acquired infections) are a major but often preventable threat to patient safety

Single Use Systems
Single Use Systems in the Pharmaceutical Industry - Advantages and Considerations

In this white paper we discuss some of the testing and validation considerations that pharmaceutical manufacturers should look at when implementing single use systems

Orthopaedic Implant
Hip and Knee Wear Testing - What the Standards Don't Tell You

This white paper offers additional guidance that could help support implant manufacturers in their decision-making and justifications for regulatory submissions

Tribology and Testing of Orthopaedic Implants

In this white paper we review the key tribology & testing techniques available for orthopaedic implants

Design Optimisation in Medical Devices: Materials Matter

The goal of this white paper is to demonstrate the risk of working with the wrong material, to highlight the upside when the right material is selected

Case Studies

Dental Implant
Method Development Helps Nobel Biocare in Medical Device Optimisation

Characterisation of the surface chemical composition of medical implants

Lucideon & GSK Consumer Healthcare Compare the Effects of Different Toothpastes on Teeth

A high-resolution surface topography method was utilised to measure dentine tissue loss and surface roughness

Lucideon Helps Greatbatch Medical to Gain FDA Acceptance

Lucideon has worked with Greatbatch Medical to help them gain FDA approval

Sun Cream
Croda & Lucideon Further Optimise Coating Coverage and Application

Lucideon testing helps to optimize the coating process of powders

Knee Joint
Raw Material Validation for TiGenix Ltd

Testing and analysis provided by Lucideon