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New Sales Manager for Nuclear, Defense & Space at Lucideon

Lucideon has promoted Tim Abbott, formerly business development manager for energy & aerospace in Europe, to sales manager for nuclear, defence & space.

Tim's new role will see him take responsibility for Lucideon's global nuclear business along with European activities in support of the defence and space sectors.

Since joining Lucideon over two years ago, Tim has strengthened relationships with clients and gained an insight into their often unique needs. Lucideon welcome Tim’s appointment to this new role, a key position in support of our client objectives.

Tim commented:

"I'm looking forward to continuing Lucideon’s support to key clients in the nuclear, defense and space sectors.

"In nuclear, the business has seen considerable growth in the past 18 months, which has supported investment in both people and equipment at our facilities in the UK and USA.

"The defence business has also seen strong growth, with clients drawing on Lucideon’s unique capabilities to support their materials development programmes.

"In Space, Lucideon already supports many of the major players in the USA and we see increasing opportunity to provide services in support of European space activities."

19 November, 2020

Tim Abbott

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