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News Releases

  • Ceramic Additive Manufacturing Whitepaper Launched

    22 June, 2020

    The National Centre for Additive Manufacturing, working in collaboration with Lucideon, has created a whitepaper which defines a route for the UK to create a globally competitive supply chain to service the growing ceramic AM market.

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  • Lucideon and PCL Ceramics Join Forces

    12 May, 2020

    Lucideon and PCL Ceramics, a market leader in the manufacture of high-pressure casting equipment, have joined forces to deliver new advances in processing across key market sectors.

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  • Lucideon Signs Memorandum to Research Ceramics Manufacture

    21 April, 2020

    Lucideon has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the National Centre for Additive Manufacturing at the Coventry-based Manufacturing Technology Centre.

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  • Innovate UK Project Success for Lucideon and Ionotec

    04 July, 2019

    Lucideon and Ionotec, a leader in solid electrolyte manufacture and sodium battery development, have announced the completion of an Innovate UK collaborative feasibility study to assess the potential for Lucideon's Flash Sintering technology to manufacture beta-alumina solid electrolytes, a critical component of sodium batteries.

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  • Lucideon M+P Expanding Greenville County Presence

    02 May, 2019

    Lucideon M+P, a subsidiary of Lucideon Group Limited, is expanding its existing Greenville County presence. The company's $7.5 million investment is expected to create 28 new jobs, with more to follow in the next five years.

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  • Lucideon's Information Centre Gets a New Name

    05 April, 2019

    Lucideon has changed the name of its Information Centre to better reflect the all-encompassing know-how and experience that it offers.  Now called the Lucideon Knowledge Centre, it is the place to go for all technical and commercial information about ceramics and a wide range of other materials, including metals, composites and polymers.

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  • Lucideon Adds Nanoparticle Analysis to its Portfolio

    25 September, 2018

    Lucideon has added nanoparticle analysis to its suite of analytical capabilities with the purchase of a LitSizer 500, manufactured by Anton Paar.  The LitSizer is capable of measuring particles in the range of 1-1000nm and allows Lucideon to offer analysis and consultancy to manufacturers and development teams working with nanoparticles across a wide range of sectors.

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  • Lucideon Wins Innovate UK Feasibility Study Project

    26 June, 2018

    Lucideon is pleased to announce that it is the lead participant in Innovate UK's 'Field Enhanced Sintering of Beta Alumina for Electric Vehicle Battery Applications' project.

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  • Lucideon Releases New White Paper on Failure Analysis of Plastic Products

    21 February, 2017

    Lucideon has published a new white paper: 'Failure Analysis of Plastic Products'.

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