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Lucideon Welcomes KTP Associate for Geopolymer Development

Lucideon has taken on Jesus Rodriguez Sanchez, a KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) Associate from the University of Sheffield, to help with the development of its geopolymer technology, MIDAR.

Funded by the Innovate UK, the KTP scheme pairs businesses who both want to develop and grow innovative technologies with university researchers.

Lucideon's proprietary technology, MIDAR, is a revolutionary sustainable geopolymer technology that can be used for numerous applications, from encapsulating waste (including nuclear) to acting as an alternative production method for construction products and ceramics.

A technical architect and material engineer, Jesus has an MSc in Engineering, followed by PhD studies at the University of Oslo that focused on developing and characterizing new cementitious materials. He now brings this knowledge to Lucideon to develop new foamed geopolymer pastes and products for applications such as thermal insulation.

Stuart MacLachlan, head of R&D at Lucideon, and one of Jesus' supervisors said:

"We're pleased to welcome Jesus to the geopolymer team at Lucideon. As a KTP Associate he will act as a knowledge transfer point between us and the University of Sheffield, helping us to develop the next generation of geopolymer products."

Professor John L. Provis, Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Head of the Engineering Graduate School at The University of Sheffield, said:

"I am very excited by this opportunity to work together with Lucideon on advancing geopolymer technology, and welcome Jesus to the team in this key role."

04 December, 2018

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