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Environmental Analysis

As a UKAS accredited testing laboratory (No. 0013) to ISO 17025:2005, we offer a wide range of environmental tests to national and international standards.

With experience of working with geotechnical companies, developers and regulators involved in redeveloping contaminated sites, our knowledge of environmental analysis is vast. Our services include:

Air Quality Monitoring

We offer both monitoring of the quality of both indoor and outdoor air, for example to test material emissions or occupational exposure limits in the workplace.

Alternative and Solid Fuels Analysis

Whether you need calorific values, legislative advice, or finished product evaluation, Lucideon is well positioned to supply end users of alternative fuels and waste processors or handlers with all the essential support and analysis required.

Biogas Analysis

Once alternative fuels have been produced or sourced, stringent tests must be carried out, both to satisfy legislative demands and to assure users that the fuel is both safe to use and is not damaging to their processes.

Energy from Waste

Waste to energy conversion is fast becoming an important approach to resolving two issues; waste management and sustainable energy production. With stricter controls on carbon emissions and rising fuel costs, waste represents an increasingly significant fuel source.

Landfill Gas Analysis

Offering a broad range of chemical analysis, Lucideon is also accredited to conduct the sampling and testing of gas following the Environment Agency Technical Guidance Note LFTGN04.

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