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Microbiology & Pharmaceutical Testing

Microbiology & Pharmaceutical Testing Services

When your methods require the highest standards, we are your perfect partner to develop them. Whether you’re testing to established methods, or need to develop your own QC solutions, our GMP laboratories will ensure that your products meet the exacting specifications required for excellence.

Our complementary consultancy services will enable you to make the most of your products, because at Lucideon, we provide more than just numbers - we offer solutions to help you develop new products, optimise existing ones, and solve failures quickly.


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White Papers

Protecting Products and Patients in Today's Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic

In this white paper, we discuss the journey behind Lucideon's proprietary iCRT-deter technology

Single Use Systems
Single Use Systems in the Pharmaceutical Industry - Advantages and Considerations

In this white paper we discuss some of the testing and validation considerations that pharmaceutical manufacturers should look at when implementing single use systems

Quality by Design for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The concept of Quality by Design (QbD) is not a new idea but it is only in recent years that it has been considered for all aspects of the development process for pharmaceutical products

Abuse Deterrence for the Pharmaceutical Market

This white paper explores the market drivers for abuse deterrence and identifies possible solutions

Surface Analysis Exposes Counterfeit Medicines

Surface Analysis is assisting the pharmaceutical industry in a number of ways, including counterfeit detection

Drying Processes - the Balance Between Efficiency and Product Quality

Drying is an important process in almost all industry sectors, including ceramics, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, construction and semiconductors

Case Studies

Lucideon Supports Wockhardt to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine to Market

Testing carried out at Lucideon's GMP testing laboratories and analytical chemistry facilities

Lucideon Supports Environmental Monitoring Qualification of GMP Laboratories

Environmental monitoring qualification of new facilities

Surface Yellowing of a Drug Tablet upon Light Exposure

ToF-SIMS investigation into tablet discolouration