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Testing & Characterisation

Testing & Characterisation for the Aerospace and Defence Industries

With state-of-the-art laboratories and years of materials expertise, our testing and characterisation services form the basis of much of Lucideon's activities. We go beyond the standard testing protocols and push the boundaries of what's possible. And we don’t just provide data, we provide solutions too.

Our experts use their cross-industry experience to work alongside clients, to help them to understand the bigger picture with regard to their materials and products. We provide analysis, which in turn provides answers to the toughest of materials challenges; this is what differentiates us from other test houses.


Standardised testing procedures are extremely important in the aerospace and defence industries. Standards can also be used as a guideline for programs that differ slightly, or for a different application entirely. In these situations, you need experts that are knowledgeable not only in the test, but also the science to understand the limitations.

Lucideon has a comprehensive suite of testing capabilities and extensive materials expertise. Our state-of the-art analytical facilities provide quick turnaround and accurate data. We work across a wide range of materials, providing analysis and support for composites, ceramics, metals, and polymers.

Our standard and customised testing services encompass chemical, physical, microstructural, mineralogical, high temperature, surface analysis, and environmental.

White Papers

The Growth of Ceramics in Aerospace and Defence

This white paper looks at applications and potential applications of ceramic materials in the aerospace and defence industry

Composite Materials
Lucideon's Guide to Composites

Composites are being used more and more in many different industries, thanks to the enhanced properties that are realised from the combining of materials

Materials Choices
Understanding Materials Choices, their Performance and Selection

This paper sets out to affirm the value of material characterisation in product and process development activities in technology based industries

Case Studies

Rolls-Royce Engine
Lucideon's Surface Analysis Provides Key Data for Rolls-Royce

Monitoring of the in-depth distribution of key alloying elements and trace elements using SIMS

Additive Manufacturing
Lucideon Assists in Identifying Root Cause of Cracking in Additive Manufactured Components

Lucideon's additive manufacturing expertise helped identify root cause of product failure

Ceramic Body Armour

A manufacturer of ceramic armour for military vehicles and personnel sought pressure-cast forming expertise