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Electrical Testing

Electrical Testing Services

Lucideon has expertise in conducting a range of electrical tests to evaluate the characteristics of plastics, composites (i.e. NEMA LI), tapes, coatings, and ceramics, and also various insulation systems. Test programs range from standard ASTM test methods to custom-designed research programmes. Most tests can be conducted in a temperature-controlled environment ranging from ambient to 300°C. We offer high-voltage capacity up to 150 kV.

Wind Turbine


Testing includes:

  • Capacitance
  • Dielectric Breakdown / Constant / Strength (air or oil)
  • Dissipation Factor
  • Inductance
  • Surface and Volume Resistivity
  • Megger Testing (up to 100 Tera Ohm range)

Quality control testing of insulation systems

The integrity of insulation systems must be verified to prevent loss of power generation and catastrophic equipment failure. Properties including insulation dissipation factor and breakdown voltage, as well as physical and chemical property verification provide the confidence required to install items ranging from end-winding tapes and slot wedging materials, to nacelle insulation systems, especially in the field.


Qualification testing

We perform ASTM 150, ASTM D229, ASTM D257, NEMA LI-1 and customer-specific Quality Control and Qualification testing. Talk to our team to find out how we can tailor our testing to your needs.

Failure analysis

Lucideon has extensive experience performing failure analysis of electrical insulation systems, particularly for the power generation industry. We routinely identify the composition of contaminants, check for leak paths, and determine the root causes for premature insulation failures.

We can help you to improve manufacturing process, characterise failures, and certify your products.