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Hygrothermal Testing

Hygrothermal Performance Testing Services

Lucideon has the UK's largest selection of hygrothermal testing facilities and capabilities, with 5 twin wall chambers, performing hygrothermal performance testing of external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) to EADs 040083-00-0404, 040287-00-0404, and 090062-00-0404, CWCT Standards, M.O.A.T. 22, and customised programs.

Hygrothermal Testing


Hygrothermal testing is the process of evaluating the effects of varied heat and moisture levels on a building structure through laboratory testing. The external walls of buildings are exposed to a wide range of weather conditions, including wetting, drying, heating, cooling, freezing, and thawing. To ensure ETICS perform satisfactorily, and to predict their expected design life, sample panels must be subjected to accelerated testing.

At Lucideon, we have the capability to provide complete performance testing for ETICS, renders, cement particle boards, glass reinforced plastic (GRP), MgO boards, brick slip systems, and cladding.

Our rigs, each with a double aperture capable of accommodating large-scale panels (10 walls in total, up to 7m2), can provide rapid turnaround times, resulting in quicker product development and certification.

M.O.A.T. 22 and EAD 040083-00-0404 test programs are aimed at renders, however, the analysis can also be applied to other materials and finishes.


UKCA-CE marking

Testing to EAD 040083-00-0404 and 040287-00-0404 is necessary to obtain UKCA or CE marking for render products. Lucideon is the only UK lab accredited to ISO 17025 for both the above standards and can provide testing support to certify products for UKCA and CE marking purposes.

Product guarantees

The M.O.A.T. 22 test program can be combined with structural strength and wind loading tests to predict the expected lifetime of a render product, thus allowing manufacturers to guarantee the lifetime of their products. At Lucideon, we have the capabilities to conduct both static and dynamic wind load testing.

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