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Testing & Characterisation

Testing & Characterisation for the Energy and Nuclear Industries

From our ISO 17025-accredited laboratories, we provide a wide array of materials preparation, characterisation, testing, and analysis services.

We have extensive experience of testing materials that are used in the energy industries (for example, power generation equipment - steels, stainless steels, superalloys, thermal barrier coatings (TBCs), resin systems, mica tapes, copper stator bars). We perform standardised testing to support qualifications, investigations, and compliance testing.


Wind Turbines

Typical test methods include UKAS, ASTM, BS EN, MIL-STD and company-specific methods.

We also characterise novel materials, such as new corrosion-resistant alloys. Lucideon offers custom test program design services to support new material and product development.

Our experts stay at the cutting edge of developing test methods and industry standards to address products manufactured via new techniques, such as additive manufactured raw materials and products, and Flash Sintering of ceramics.

Services include metallurgical evaluations, chemical analysis, high temperature oxidation testing, surface analysis, commercial-grade dedication testing, metallography & imaging & analysis, machining & wire EDM, thermal analysis, mechanical testing, 3DStrain testing (digital image correlation).

Lucideon is also a leading expert in the nuclear industry, offering a comprehensive range of services from materials development and testing to additive manufacturing support and failure analysis. With expertise in 10CFR50 Appendix B commercial-grade dedication support, material analysis, and waste management programs, we play a key role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of nuclear power stations.

In addition to offering a variety of component testing, metallurgical evaluation, and creep & stress rupture testing for the Nuclear industry, Lucideon boasts the world's largest high temperature water corrosion facility, offering over 10,000,000 hours of Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) testing experience in nuclear applications. The facility has thirty-two systems, each equipped with high-temperature autoclaves, precise water chemistry control, and advanced crack growth measurement systems.

Case Studies

Electricity Pylons
Flash Sintering Helps to Clean up Green Energy

Application of Lucideon's Flash Sintering Technology

NTS Case Study
Lucideon Provides Customised Materials Testing Project for NTS (Phase 1)

A customised materials testing project for Nuclear Transport Services (NTS), UK (Phase 1)

NTS Case Study
Lucideon Provides Customised Materials Testing Project for NTS (Phase 2)

A customised materials testing project for Nuclear Transport Services (NTS), UK (Phase 2)