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Traditional Ceramics

Traditional Ceramics Consultancy

Lucideon has over a hundred years of experience in supporting traditional ceramics. From our origin as the British Ceramic Research Association, the heritage is in our DNA. We carry out performance testing and failure analysis on a vast range of products, from tableware, whiteware, sanitaryware, tiles, and refractory materials, and our world-class team of ceramics experts offers innovative process solutions to design and production challenges to ensure that our clients are best equipped to stand out against competitors.

With years of experience in ceramics production, our consultants work with you to improve efficiencies and yield, and reduce waste and costs. Whether you want to improve your existing product line or to integrate new and efficient processes, we can help.

Ceramic Tableware


Raw materials selection

To make a quality, durable, and long-lasting product, while keeping costs to a minimum, you must select the appropriate raw materials.  At Lucideon we can analyse your raw materials to make sure that they are correct for your needs.

Tableware and tiles - failure analysis

We perform both extensive testing to predict and reduce failure risks in application, and root cause identification analysis of failures if they occur in use. Our expert team can analyse a client's production line, identify root causes, and suggest remedial actions.



Lucideon's full testing suite is at your disposal. We regularly test sanitaryware and tableware for manufacturers, imports, and retailers. We provide a comprehensive refractory testing service, and we test materials and products for the ceramic tile industry.

Ceramics training

As an internationally recognised expert in ceramics, our whitewares courses are aimed at tableware, tile, and sanitaryware manufacturers, as well as retailers and suppliers.

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White Papers

Drying Processes - the Balance Between Efficiency and Product Quality

Drying is an important process in almost all industry sectors, including ceramics, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, construction and semiconductors

Milling Processes
Milling Processes and Techniques

This white paper discusses milling options, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as focusing on how the milling process can help to control key characteristics to optimize the properties of end products in manufacturing processes

Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics

Additive Manufacturing can provide innovative forming opportunities and can offer the potential of being able to be integrated alongside traditional methods

Case Studies

Lucideon Expertise is a Winner with Ikea

IKEA wished to appoint a preferred consultant for ceramic product sourcing around the globe

Topps Tiles
Topps Tiles

Benchmarking study carried out by Lucideon

Ceramic Basin
Pinholing in Sanitaryware

Scanning electron microscopy was used to identify the cause of a glaze pinhole fault in sanitaryware manufacture