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Net Zero

Net Zero Consultancy

Helping with the Net Zero Challenge

A low-carbon future will be very mineral intensive because clean energy technologies need more materials than fossil fuels & natural gas-based electricity generation technologies

“Minerals for Climate Action”, World Bank (2020)

With increased global awareness of the human impact on the climate over the past few decades, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions has become a vital aspect of modern business and industry. Globally, organisations are being called upon to tackle the issue of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and take steps towards their Net Zero commitments. Organisations are shifting and contributing towards it by adopting innovative technologies; Lucideon is working with these organisations to resolve the materials challenges associated with these new emerging technologies.


Innovating to Net Zero

As of 2020, a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to industrial activity.

Primarily, these emissions come from the burning of fossil fuels for energy, and the by-product of greenhouse gas release from the processing of raw materials. Solving the challenges related to mitigation or circumvention of these emissions is going to be a core issue for global industry; Lucideon is working to be at the forefront of the effort. Through our core business offerings, we are turning material challenges into opportunities for ourselves and our clients.

Technology development and contribution

We are using our research and development expertise to stay at the forefront of green technology advancements.

We believe that the contributions of the materials science field will be crucial to achieving Net Zero due to the unique material challenges emerging through innovative modern technologies across sectors from CCUS (Carbon Capture, Use & Storage), Hydrogen, DAC (Direct Air Capture), BECCUS, and nuclear power innovations among others utilising our extensive range of material, expertise, facilities, and technologies.


Our unique technologies

  • Flash Sintering - in-house technology used for sustainable manufacturing process by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, doubling productivity, and helping to enable the manufacture of innovative products
  • MIDAR® – our unique geopolymer technology with applications ranging from the encapsulation of nuclear waste to a low-carbon alternative to foamed cement blocks
  • iCRTTM - Lucideon’s proprietary intelligent controlled release technology with applications across ranging from extended-release of pharmaceutical formulations to slow release of fertilisers without use of damaging microplastics
  • Hydrogen blending – we have a state-of-the-art hydrogen/natural gas blend firing kiln to enable industry to refine/validate the blended firing process and ensure product quality

Partnership and collaboration

At Lucideon, we believe in partnership and collaboration. In a world of global need for energy transition, growing alone is not an option, different technologies\materials\resources are needed to come together to generate a sustainable world and achieve the global Net Zero target by 2050.

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