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Ceramics Training

Ceramic Whitewares Training Courses

Lucideon's training courses have been developed by our in-house experts, all of whom have years of industry and practical experience. If you need training customised to your business and people, we can build a training course to meet your objectives.

As an internationally recognised expert in ceramics, our whitewares courses are aimed at tableware, tile, and sanitaryware manufacturers, as well as retailers and suppliers.

Whitewares Training Courses


Practical, in person training:

Training sessions will run from 9:00am - 4:00pm (approximately).

Date Course name Course no.
17 July 2024Glaze and Glaze Applications L8


eLearning Courses

Elevate your learning experience with our ceramic whitewares training. Introducing interactive eLearning courses to enhance engagement and effectiveness to align with your training needs.

Our eLearning courses will give you the knowledge to educate your team, provide flexibility and save time and money. Choose from the range of straightforward and engaging eLearning courses below.

Course name Course no.
Understanding Ceramics L1
Materials Selection L2
The Basics of Slip Casting L3
Drying L4
Kiln Firing L5
Plaster Moulds L6
Forming Processes L7

Testing of Ceramic Materials & Products

Introduction to Ceramic Tableware & Giftware for the Retail Sector L10
Tableware Manufacture L11
Pressure Casting L12
Tile Manufacture L13
Introduction to Sanitaryware L14
Tile and Sanitaryware for Retailers L15
Introduction to Grinding and Milling L16
Decoration and Decoration Processes for Ceramics and Glass L17
Introduction to Everyday Ceramic Calculations L18
Spray Drying L19
Rheology - Fluid Properties Control in Ceramics L20


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