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Materials Selection

Materials Selection Consultancy

The sheer magnitude of available materials can make selecting the correct one for your application a daunting task. Sticking with what you know or materials you have used in the past is risky and could mean missing out on that all important competitive advantage. Worse still, when materials fail or underperform, the results can be catastrophic leading to delays in production, market adoption or even fines from lawsuits and regulatory bodies. Lucideon's experts will walk you through their customised material selection process which includes access to extensive material property databases and sector-specific materials consultants.


Analytical selection techniques

Selecting the right materials to satisfy performance, cost, supplier, quality or environmental aspects, is critical. Using our state-of-the-art rational materials selection tool and our wide range of analytical techniques, and our prototyping and pilot-scale facilities, we can answer your questions and help you with:

  • material replacement due to new regulations, e.g. REACH
  • identification of new materials to address product failure
  • product benchmarking to support lightweighting initiatives

How we can help

We understand that to make a quality, durable, and long-lasting product, while keeping costs to a minimum, you must select the appropriate raw materials. We can help you with your materials, processes and technologies to:

  • improve existing materials, products, processes and technologies
  • make them perform better – by selecting different materials and reformulating
  • add functionality to what they do
  • reduce their cost
  • pinpoint the root cause of failures and stop them from re-occurring
  • improve yields
  • develop the next generation of materials, products, and processes


Expert guidance

Our materials and powders experts help to ensure that the materials you choose have the properties you need to make your products, whether traditional ceramics, advanced ceramics, or any other material, the best they can be.

Services to add value

Our services include:

  • chemical analysis of both bulk composition and trace analysis
  • mineralogical analyses for speciation and phase determination
  • physical testing such as grading, density, porosity, strength, rheology, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties
  • microstructural testing to study product failure or defects, failure mechanisms, inclusions, grain size and bonding structure
  • surface analysis to detect failures, contamination and defects

Why Lucideon?

We have unrivalled experience in understanding the fundamental material science behind materials performance and knowing how best to achieve the outcomes you want. We help you realise the success you want.

White Papers

Materials Choices
Understanding Materials Choices, their Performance and Selection

This paper sets out to affirm the value of material characterisation in product and process development activities in technology based industries

Stents - New Materials and Technologies for the Future

This white paper reviews some of the technology being used in the development of new stents and how, in particular, computational modelling and material characterisation are helping to improve clinical outcomes

Design Optimisation in Medical Devices: Materials Matter

The goal of this white paper is to demonstrate the risk of working with the wrong material, to highlight the upside when the right material is selected

Case Studies

Safe Confinement at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Testing of unique cladding system and its components

Lucideon Proved Incorrect Materials were Sourced and Used for New Warehouse Floor

Analysis of concrete and screed identified that the flooring materials specified were not used and lower-cost alternatives were sourced

Ceramic Body Armour

A manufacturer of ceramic armour for military vehicles and personnel sought pressure-cast forming expertise