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Product Optimisation

Product Optimisation Consultancy

You want your products to be the best they can be, to perform optimally and to never fail. And you want to develop the next generation of products to ensure that you lead in your field. We can help you to do this.

We combine our expertise in materials and processing with the knowledge we've built up over many years, working with clients on diverse projects across many different industries, to help you develop and optimise your products.


Expert guidance at your disposal

Working with you from the concept stage, we can advise on:

  • materials selection
  • how materials will interact with each other and with different environments
  • how materials will perform under different conditions and in different applications
  • how to ensure products perform optimally
  • how failures can be avoided and / or rectified

Right first time

Product optimisation is often only thought of when a product fails and, while we help many customers to solve problems with their products, we are strong advocates of predictive consultancy and testing to ensure that products are right first time.


Knowledge and data

We have comprehensive testing and characterisation facilities and utilise a rational materials selection tool; our knowledge is backed up by hard data.

Scale-up with confidence

We also have pilot-scale testing facilities to scale up from the lab to the pilot and then onto the manufacturing scale.

Let us work with you to make sure your products perform how you want them to, giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Why Lucideon?

We have unrivalled experience in understanding the fundamental material science behind product optimisation and knowing how best to achieve the outcomes you want. We help you realise the success you want.


Formulation Development

Looking to reformulate your product?
Our reformulation service helps you keep your required properties while giving you the added benefits of stability and performance

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White Papers

Milling Processes
Milling Processes and Techniques

This white paper discusses milling options, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as focusing on how the milling process can help to control key characteristics to optimize the properties of end products in manufacturing processes

Orthopaedic Implant
Your Metal Component has Failed in Fatigue: What do you do next?

This white paper provides an introduction to the theory behind fatigue in general, and the factors that affect how materials perform in fatigue

Digital Image Correlation
Digital Image Correlation and its Benefits to Industry

The applications of Digital Image Correlation are vast, from eyeball pressure testing to earthquake analysis

Case Studies

Novel Processing of Bioactive Inorganic Materials

Lucideon expertise allows new elements to be included in products.

Optimisation of Tablet Manufacture

Optimisation of powders for tablet pressing

Sun Cream
Croda & Lucideon Further Optimise Coating Coverage and Application

Lucideon testing helps to optimize the coating process of powders