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Advanced Ceramics

Advanced Ceramics Consultancy

The demand for materials to withstand harsh environments is increasing in the aerospace and nuclear industry. Existing materials are reaching their maximum performance capabilities, and with this increased demand, other materials are needed. Many organisations are seeking to use advanced ceramics to solve these material challenges.

Past limitations, such as brittleness, have been addressed through the advent of composite structures and innovative processing routes. As developments continue to expand rapidly, the range of potential applications for advanced ceramics continues to grow. For over 100 years, we’ve been instrumental in fostering this growth through consultancy and testing of advanced ceramics.


Combining the understanding of all steps in material development requires considerable scientific resource and expert knowledge, especially at commercially viable cost points. Our advanced ceramics capability and expertise brings together our materials science skills, formulation knowledge, and testing know-how.

Materials development and selection

Our team of experts has experience working across different sectors and material systems. Working from an environment and process specification, novel materials that meet the requirements can be created and developed. We have a strong capability surrounding the formulation of advanced ceramics materials, this can be used effectively to solve materials and process-based challenges. With our wide-ranging knowledge of materials, we are easily able to identify areas where advanced ceramics should be used in replacement for metals and polymers.


Process development

Through many years consulting in materials, we can apply novel materials to existing processes. With our foundations beginning in traditional ceramics, we apply these processes to advanced ceramics across various industries. In addition, based on our materials knowledge, we have developed new processes with aims to increase yields and material performance, minimise waste, and reduce processing time and cost. Our pilot-scale process capability helps to bridge the gap between academia and industry to investigate the new processing technologies.

Process optimisation

Combining the expertise in materials selection and process development, we understand materials throughout the process flow. With this capability we optimise processes through analysis and problem solving. This can also be done through our Machine Learning technology platform IMPACTTM. This network is designed to support development and optimisation projects in materials science at almost any point in the materials lifecycle.


Current work in advanced ceramics

  • Ultra-high temperature ceramics (UHTCs)
    We have a strong capability surrounding the formulation and sintering of UHTCs and this is used effectively to solve materials- and process-based challenges from different sectors and different material systems.
  • Novel coatings development - Thermal and Environmental Barrier Coatings (TBCs & EBCs)
    Lucideon provides solutions to the development challenges of these material systems, combining our formulation development expertise and capabilities with various deposition and sintering methods, including our contactless Flash Sintering technology platform. The Flash Sintering technology platform is also a novel means to improve microstructures, and can be used to improve bond strength between dissimilar materials (e.g. ceramic to metal). For more information, please click here.
  • Ceramic additive manufacturing
    We are developing appropriate material formulations, printing parameters, de-binding, and sintering processes to improve our customers' material performance and manufacturing yields whilst also reducing waste, processing time, and cost.
  • Ceramic-Matrix Composites (CMCs)
    With our new range of advanced ceramic pilot-scale processes, Lucideon has capability in matrix formulation development, forming and sintering, and Polymer Impregnation Pyrolysis (PIP). We do this by providing services to clients in need of materials development and process optimisation

White Papers

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This white paper highlights some of the testing involved in ISO 13356 and discusses how recent and ongoing research into ceramic processing provides opportunities to meet product improvement challenges

Case Studies

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Lucideon Helps Determine Impact of Hot Isostatic Pressing on Fatigue Life of Ti-6Al-4V Component

Lucideon expertise helped a client with additive manufactured implants

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A manufacturer of ceramic armour for military vehicles and personnel sought pressure-cast forming expertise