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Ceramic-Matrix Composites

Ceramic-Matrix Composites (CMCs) - Consultancy

Developments in nuclear and aerospace & defence sectors are leading to demand for materials that can operate at higher temperatures than ever before, and one potentially promising solution is CMCs.

CMCs address the issue of brittleness experienced by monolithic ceramics, which are often a barrier in the use of these materials in structural environments. The introduction of fibres within the ceramic matrix increases the toughness of the overall system, causing a combination of high operating temperature and mechanical loading – characteristics which are extremely beneficial when developing materials for use in harsh environments.

Ceramic Matrix Composites


Our Capabilities

Lucideon has the capability to work with Ox/Ox, SiC/SiC, and UHTCMCs through matrix formulation development, forming, and densification – for example Polymer Impregnation Pyrolysis (PIP), and sintering. Through our advanced ceramic pilot-scale facility, Lucideon provides a consultancy and trials offering to clients in need of materials development and process optimisation. We work initially at pilot-line scale, with a view to upscaling these processes to full manufacturing capability.

Lucideon is also developing a novel CMC utilising our proprietary MIDAR® technology platform. MIDAR®-derived composites bridge the temperature performance gap between metals and high-end Ox/Ox CMCs. For more information, please click here.

CMC Facilities at Lucideon

  • Matrix material preparation facilities & expertise
  • Autoclave
  • Prototype scale Ox/Ox CMC sintering furnace
  • Furnaces with Polymer Impregnation Pyrolysis (PIP) capabilities


Example Applications

  • Reusable thermal protection systems
  • Leading edges for hypersonic vehicles
  • Exhaust mixers in jet engines
  • Nuclear fusion reactors
  • Battery encapsulation for aerospace

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Composites Centre (NCC)

Lucideon and the NCC have recently signed an MOU to progress the development of oxide and non-oxide CMCs for a variety of applications. Each party’s expertise complements the other, with Lucideon and the NCC providing the advanced ceramic and composite knowledge respectively. This collaboration will provide end-to-end capability to address the current challenges with CMCs, from fundamental materials development through to full system design and validation. For more information, please click here.

White Paper

Geopolymer Matrix Composites for use at High Temperature - Fabrication, Properties and Applications