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White Paper

Understanding Materials Choices, their Performance and Selection

This paper sets out to affirm the value of material characterisation in product and process development activities in technology-based industries, whilst sustaining the quality of manufacturing output. A selection of techniques, applications and case studies, relevant to a wide range of industry sectors are covered.

The progress in materials development and application in almost every area of business and industry over the last 25 years has been revolutionary and is continuing to accelerate. Never before have so many material-driven innovations enabled the global spread of technology and improvements in capability, from communications to aerospace and healthcare, to agriculture and automotive.

Central to this progress has been the improvement in our ability to define materials in terms of their composition, structure and performance evaluation. Together with material design and processing, these have been the bedrock of successful new material applications.

Lucideon has participated in this era of materials proliferation for over 50 years. In this review, we will highlight a few of the areas where the characterisation of materials has been crucial to the successful outcomes of client projects.

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