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Lucideon Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Lucideon Additive Manufacturing Solutions (LAMS)

LAMS is a support system of metal additive manufacturing (AM) and consultancy services aimed at aerospace, nuclear, and medical component manufacturers.

These industries encounter differing challenges in their manufacturing processes, whether that be large expensive single components or multiple smaller components. LAMS serves as a unified solution that can help our customers to solve problems, improve processes, and increase efficiency through a partnership focussed system.

Additive Manufacturing


LAMS features

  • Priority access
    The focus is to provide comprehensive AM support to an exclusive group of partner companies across the Aerospace, Nuclear & Healthcare industries
  • Partnership approach
    Our services span the entire AM product lifecycle from powders to parts, and allow customers access to dedicated equipment, technical expertise, and program managers to oversee support for their entire AM roadmap
  • Driven by industry need
    The creation of LAMS was driven by industry feedback from clients who consistently expressed their dissatisfaction with the level of technical quality and delivery currently available to the AM Market
  • Customised solutions
    Lucideon develops an understanding of your current and future requirements to maintain an AM technology roadmap and ensure that Lucideon’s services are ready to provide support
  • Streamlined approach
    Pricing and delivery are fixed for a 12-month period, which allows for transparency and simplicity. Blanket POs are established at the onset to ensure streamlined delivery of results
  • Flexibility
    Partners will be assigned a dedicated program manager who will be their primary point of contact. This will allow flexibility to adjust priorities based on criticality of the program
  • Accountability
    Lucideon will host quarterly program update meetings, onsite or remote, to review program status and look forward at future forecasts to ensure alignment of capabilities and bandwidth

An expert service

Lucideon can provide for all your AM needs, offering comprehensive support to develop and optimise your AM products and processes. Whether it's testing and validation of components, assistance with failure and root cause analysis, process optimisation, or cutting-edge AM materials development, we've got you covered.

Our extensive background in research & development, analysis, and materials characterisation our team of experts is committed to supporting the supply chain across aerospace, medical devices, and energy.



Through the utilisation of LAMS we address three key parameters:

  • reducing risks during the transition to AM manufacturing
  • proving product performance meets design criteria
  • ensuring consistent quality with optimised processes

Testing and validation

Using our diverse expertise in materials development and processing, we troubleshoot challenges inherent in adopting new technologies. Whether you're establishing new design criteria, validating against specifications, or troubleshooting non-conforming components, we accelerate your development cycle through comprehensive testing and validation.

Quality control and assurance

As an impartial third party, we regularly qualify vendors by evaluating products against your chosen specifications or our recommendations. From "first piece" and "pilot lot" qualifications to routine AM testing, our customised programs ensure your AM components meet quality standards and are fit for purpose, minimising risks and enhancing reliability.

Supporting services

Lucideon also offers several supporting services, including Failure Analysis, Powder Recycling, Process Optimisation, New Alloy Characterisation, Thermal and Mechanical Testing, and Powder Characterisation.


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