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Hydrogen as an Energy Source

Hydrogen is being promoted globally as one of the potential solutions to decarbonising high energy industries and as one of the most promising routes to Net Zero. This is mostly because when hydrogen is used in a combustion process the primary outputs are heat and water, as opposed to the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, heat and water from the combustion of hydrocarbon fossil fuels.

Benefits of using Hydrogen in Industry

In addition to being used as a direct replacement for hydrocarbons to provide heat, hydrogen is an adaptable energy source which can be used in fuel cells to generate electricity, combusted in engines and even blended with hydrocarbon fuels to lower overall carbon emissions.

Hydrogen Challenges and the Future

Hydrogen is a very small molecule that requires very low temperatures and high pressures to be liquified. The use of high pressures, low temperatures and its small size lead to a propensity to cause problems such as embrittlement and cracking by permeating into materials that are impervious to other gases. Due to these properties of hydrogen, it can cause problems with many materials commonly used in industry.

The Lucideon Advantage

Lucideon's people have the expertise, knowledge and experience in solving the problems that industries face now, and in the future, when using hydrogen as an energy source. We have facilities and people based in the UK and US that can help you through a consultative process to give you the answers. Contact us here.

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