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Driving to Net Zero

Nearly a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to industrial activity[1]. Ceramic firing is energy intensive and there is an urgent need for solutions to help both the advanced and traditional ceramic sectors bring down emissions and reach net zero targets. A challenge for the sector is to ensure that any new processes are safe and products retain key physical and aesthetic characteristics.

How is Lucideon Supporting the Ceramics Industry with the Drive to Net Zero?

To support the drive to net zero we have invested in a state-of-the-art ceramics kiln that has been designed to run on a hydrogen/natural gas blend.

Lucideon is heavily involved in HyDeploy, which is a pioneering hydrogen energy project designed to help reduce UK CO2 emissions and reach the Government’s net zero target for 2050. It involves trials blending up to 20% volume of hydrogen with natural gas for domestic and industrial use. Working with consortium leaders Cadent, we will be investigating safety considerations of firing various ceramic wares.

This video shows the progress made by Lucideon and the HyDeploy partners. Presenters from Progressive Energy, Cadent and Lucideon explain this ground-breaking programme and show the latest results ahead of the project completion, which was scheduled for late summer 2022.

To find out more about the wider HyDeploy project visit hydeploy.co.uk

How can Lucideon Help Companies with their Transition to Net Zero?

While our involvement in the HyDeploy programme will help understand and address any primary safety issues, we are aware that fuel properties can play a critical role in the end product. Experimenting to study and optimize the firing process requires vacant kiln and line capacity, which many manufacturers do not have. Working with us means samples can be fired and tested with no disruption to customers live processing lines. In addition, Lucideon will provide access to a range of our ceramics experts to support and advise in running trials, performing post firing analysis and consulting on next steps.

How to Get Involved

Contact us today. Each programme will likely be unique and require careful considerations to ensure success, and we always start with discussions to understand your requirements.

Early adoption will be suited to those who are looking to lead on net zero and get ahead of the curve with manufacturing methods of the future.


[1] ourworldindata.org/emissions-by-sector cited 08/09/2021

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