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Rolling Load Testing of Floors

Rolling Load Testing of Flooring Performance

When predicting the performance of a laid floor's surface and/or system under simulated rolling loads to ASTM C627, a rolling load floor testing based on the Robinson-Type Floor Testing machine is commonly used. The test was initially designed for tiles; however, the Robinson Floor Test can also be applied to most hard-surface flooring including; wood, marble, stone, slate, laminate, vinyl, and rubber.

Floor Testing


Using our Robinson-Type Floor Testing machine, we can conduct both on-site and laboratory testing. Outcomes of this testing include:

  • The durability assessment of newly laid flooring surfaces, which ensures they meet the required level
  • Highlighting installation of material manufacturing faults
  • Determining whether problematic flooring surfaces are meeting the required performance levels


Rolling load floor testing benefits include:

  • Being the only standardised method of flooring surface and flooring system performance, thus generating reliable data and results
  • The ability to differentiate your products performance from un-tested competitors’ products
  • Endorsed product specification modifications, which potentially leads to retrospective financial savings if specification adjustments are subsequently unsuitable.

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