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Case Study

Major Concrete Manufacturer Extends Range to Include a Precast Concrete Modular Housing System

The precast concrete manufacturer wanted to extend their existing product range to include a precast concrete modular housing system. The system was to incorporate an insulated concrete sandwich panel with precast insulated floors and insulated foundation.

Precast Concrete Products

The challenge

As the new product was a huge divergence for the client, and they had no experience of design and required performance, Lucideon provided a consultancy service and specified a test program to aid the design of the system and prove the performance by testing.

What we delivered

Lucideon provided a test program complete with performance criteria that included structural, durability, water tightness, air tightness, thermal and acoustic performance. The results were related to current building regulations and Eurocode requirements and allowed the system to have a design life of 60 years.

Lucideon verified the performance of the full system and individual components that made up the system along with all connections and detailing, in their laboratories.

The client built a demonstration home for which Lucideon measured and monitored the construction processes and building timelines in order to demonstrate the benefits and efficiencies of the system. On completion of the project, Lucideon carried out in-situ tests and verified that the finished product performance was equal to the laboratory based performance.

Value to the client

The testing and consultancy provided by Lucideon enabled the client to proceed to market with third party insurance and building control sign-offs.