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Ceramic Whitewares Training

L3 - The Basics of Slip Casting

eLearning Course - Coming Soon

This course explains how casting slip and cast properties can be controlled with the use of simple viscometers and slip density measurement to produce high quality, consistent large complex shaped items and handles.



The course explains:

  • Measurement and adjustment of a slip to a required density
  • Adjusting a casting slip to the require fluid properties
  • How the casting process works
  • How deflocculants affect the casting process
  • Casting faults and how to correct them



At the end of the course, you will be able to understand:

  • Measure and adjust slip density
  • Correct the fluid properties of a slip
  • Understand the basis of the slip casting process
  • Understand how deflocculant additions alter casting properties
  • Identify the causes of the common cast faults and eliminate them



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For further information, please contact:
Caroline Mullington, Information Services & Technology Partnerships Capability Leader