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Ceramic Whitewares Training

L12 – Pressure Casting

eLearning Course - Coming Soon


Pressure casting has become a production method of choice in many whitewares sectors. Different approaches from conventional slip casting are required in order to achieve optimum results from the process. Whilst most pressure casting machines operate automatically in production, this course provides the opportunity to examine each stage of a machines operating cycle manually to fully understand the process.



The course explains:

  • How pressure casting works and how it differs from conventional slip casting
  • System requirements for body, slip and product design
  • The effect of machine cycles and programmes
  • The production of pressure moulds and their structures
  • How to care for moulds



At the end of the course, you will be able to able to:

  • Understand how the pressure casting process operates and differs from conventional slip casting
  • Appreciate how changes to a machines operating cycle can influence product quality
  • Understand how to minimise production faults and maximise mould life



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For further information, please contact:
Caroline Mullington, Information Services & Technology Partnerships Capability Leader