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Ceramic Whitewares Training

L11 - Tableware Manufacture

Wednesday 25 October 2023, Lucideon HQ, Staffordshire

A technical overview of tableware and giftware manufacturing processes, (from raw materials through to decoration), how they link together and the requirements for producing each product category (e.g. earthenware, stoneware, china, etc.)

The practical session will include a hands-on activity around manufacturing processes, identification of the different product and materials at different stages of manufacture, and a Lucideon tour.

The course explains:

  • The technical requirements for each stage of tableware and giftware manufacture
  • Linking the various processes to maintain quality and output
  • The technical requirements for producing the different types of tableware and giftware products

At the end of the course, you will be able to able to:

  • Understand the technical requirements for manufacturing tableware and giftware
  • Recognise how the different manufacturing processes link together
  • Identify the various components which are used to produce tableware and giftware