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Ceramic Whitewares Training

L8 - Glaze and Glaze Applications

Wednesday 17 July 2024, Lucideon HQ, Staffordshire


This course will demonstrate the principles of basic types of: glazes, raw materials choices, compositions, preparation and firing applications.

The practical session will include how to prepare a glaze, setting a glaze to the required fluid properties, glaze application, and firing.

The training will be delivered by Ian Campbell, a project leader at Lucideon with expertise in whitewares, tableware, glass technology and controlled release.



The course explains:

  • What is a glaze
  • Different types of glazes, component materials and compositions
  • Glaze preparation
  • Glaze control
  • Glaze application
  • Firing of glazes



At the end of the course, you will be able to understand:

  • The generic glaze types and how they are formulated
  • How to prepare a glaze batch
  • How to modify glaze slip properties
  • Glaze application, dipping and spraying
  • The firing process


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