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Case Studies

Case Studies

At Lucideon, we have worked on many different and diverse projects across a wide range of materials and industries. Read here about some of the work we have done.

Lucideon Provides Independent Assurance of William Grant and Sons' Sustainability Data

A site visit to The Girvan Distillery was undertaken to verify traceability and accuracy of data associated with production of biogas to produce electricity

Longcliffe Quarries Management Systems Certification

Longcliffe chose Lucideon to carry out certification of their management systems. Having effective quality, environmental and energy management systems ensures the continual improvement and streamlining of a company’s day-to-day operations

Lucideon Certifies Carbery’s Energy Management System to ISO 50001

Constantly seeking to improve sustainability within all areas of the company, Carbery asked Lucideon to certify its Energy Management System (EnMS) to the international energy management standard, ISO 50001

Lucideon Certifies DECC’s Energy Management System to ISO 50001

Lucideon assessed DECC's EnMS at two sites in London, a combination of adjoining buildings which include offices & kitchens encompassing the work environments of 1350 staff

Lucideon Verifies University of Leicester’s CRCEES

The University of Leicester asked Lucideon CICS to verify its reports and evidence pack before submission to ensure they are correct and in line with the guidance notes

Lucideon Verifies Hanson’s Sustainability Report

Hanson asked Lucideon CICS to independently verify its 2013 Performance and Sustainability Report, and supporting data, in order to add robustness to the reports and enhance its credibility for stakeholders

Lucideon Assures Ibstock’s Energy Management System to ISO 50001

Ibstock had already become the first UK brick industry to achieve ISO 14001 across all its brick manufacturing sites for its Environmental Management System but wished to strengthen its position as a leader in sustainable practice by achieving ISO 50001 certification for its Energy Management System

Lucideon Certifies Bangor University’s EMS to ISO 14001

Bangor University has had an Environmental Management System in place since 2009 in line with and reaching level 5 of the Green Dragon scheme. As a part of its commitment to further development the university asked Lucideon CICS to externally verify its EMS to the internationally recognised standard ISO 14001 in line with best practice

Lucideon Certifies LKAB Minerals’ Environmental Management System to ISO 14001

Lucideon was asked to certify the Environmental Management System (EMS) of LKAB Minerals Ltd’s Flixborough and Bagmoor Lane sites

Lucideon Certifies University of Reading's Energy Management System to ISO 50001

Lucideon carried out assessments across the university’s four locations during the initial assessment. The facilities for undergraduate and postgraduate research and teaching include a combination of offices, lecture rooms, labs & kitchens

Lucideon Works with Lagan Brick

Lagan Brick, or Kingscourt Bricks as it was then known, first achieved ISO 9002 accreditation with Lucideon in 1996. Since that time, the ongoing changes due to the management systems are clearly visible & quantifiable

Lucideon Provides Internal Auditor Training for Sibelco UK

Customised ‘Internal Auditor' course for Sibelco covering the role of an auditor, how to prepare for & conduct an audit and the key elements of audit reporting

Certification for Magnesita

Lucideon's audits provided a new level of understanding about how the Quality Management System could help Magnesita's services and products

Lucideon Verifies RNC's Energy Performance Calculator

A Lucideon lead verifier worked with the RNC to ensure that their energy performance calculator was capturing the right sort of data, and that the calculation conformed to ISO 14064-1

Lucideon Verifies SMA's Solar Werks 1 Carbon Footprint

Lucideon CICS was contracted by SMA Solar to carry out independent verification of Solar Werks 1's carbon footprint for 2011 and 2012

Lucideon Certifies National University Ireland Galway’s Energy Management System to ISO 50001

Wanting to ensure that they are managing energy use efficiently, National University Ireland Galway asked Lucideon to certify its Energy Management System to ISO 50001

Lucideon Assures 3663's Sustainability Report

In order to enhance the credibility of their information, 3663 engaged Lucideon CICS to provide an independent evaluation of their Sustainability Report

Morgan Thermal Ceramics Calls on Lucideon to Provide On-Site Auditor Training

Lucideon delivered their internal auditor training course at the Morgan Thermal Ceramics Bromborough site over two, two-day periods