Product Conformity

Independent and rigorous certification of your product standards.

Since the late 1980s, the CICS Shield Mark (now Lucideon) has been an established product conformity mark which demonstrates achievement against a growing number of standards. Lucideon offers independent verification that these standards are being met, through a process of sample selection, independent testing and verification of factory production control.

There are schemes covering:

  • Bricks, blocks, roofing tiles
  • Chimney linings
  • Vitreous china, sanitary ware and associated equipment
  • Wall and floor tiles
  • Tableware
  • Metal release.

As an accredited certification organization and Notified Body under the European Construction Products Regulation Lucideon is able to undertake assessments and certification for construction products, verifying product conformity with relevant harmonised standards, and issue Certificates of Factory Production Control.

The Benefits

  • Demonstrates your company’s commitment to responsible sourcing and chain of custody.
  • Provides independent evidence that standards have been achieved.
  • Proof of a responsible approach is fast becoming an important factor in purchasing requirements.
  • Provides a framework for the identification and management of product risk, improving your reputation and competitive edge.

Why Lucideon?

  • Our experts provide regular surveillance of your factory production control and arrange for the independent testing of selected samples.
  • Interpretation of results and issue of certification.
  • We work with you to monitor and improve the effectiveness of both your management system and your processes, improving reliability and overall performance.
  • Our audit teams have extensive knowledge of the environment and the technical and regulatory aspects affecting your products and business.
  • Our auditors are professionals and will work in partnership with you at every stage, providing expert judgement to assist in meeting your objectives.

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