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F Gas Verification

F Gas Verification and Reporting

Article 14 and Article 19 of Regulation (EU) No 517/2014 on Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases (F Gases) requires companies to report on their production, import and export of fluorinated greenhouse gases and gases listed in Annex II of the Regulation, including if contained in imported pre-charged equipment.

Lucideon is a leading verification provider, accredited to verify greenhouse gas emission reports or tonne-kilometre reports, and provides independent verification of reported data to both ensure that you meet regulations and that your data is accurate.

F Gases are predominantly found in the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors, but are also used insulation foams, electrical equipment, aerosol sprays, medical inhalers, solvents and fire extinguishers; the legislation has been introduced to achieve an 80% cut in emissions across the EU by 2035.



Who does the regulation apply to?

Producers, importers and exporters of 1 metric tonne or 100 tonnes of CO2 equivalent or more of fluorinated greenhouse gases and gases listed in Annex II – verification of this data, by an independent auditor, is mandatory.

It also applies to organizations that destroyed the same amount of F Gases, used the F Gases as feedstock or placed 500 tonnes of CO2 equivalent or more of F Gases contained in products or equipment on the market.

We provide verification:

  • of the completeness of your annual F Gas report - that it captures all relevant operations relating to HFCs and HFCs exempted from the phase-down in accordance with Article 15(2).
  • that the data relating to HFCs is free from material misstatements
  • of whether the annual F Gas report is limited to the activities of the reporting legal entity