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ETS Verification

Independent ETS Verification

At Lucideon we offer independent third-party verification of Greenhouse Gas emissions for companies that fall under the:

We are accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) and RvA (Dutch Accreditation Council) to provide this verification. EU ETS Veification for Ireland and the rest of the EU is managed by the subsidiary Lucideon CICS Ireland Limited.



With industry-leading Lead Auditors, Lucideon provides:

  • Annual Emissions Verification
    We will develop a tailored verification plan so that your installation's annual emissions are verified quickly and accurately, allowing emissions data to be reported on time and efficiently.
  • ALDR (Activity Level Data Report) Verification
    This is verification of Heat and Product data to enable the site to obtain free allowances. ALDR verification can be complex and poor verification can be costly as the exercise determines what free allowances a site can obtain. An experienced verifier is a critical part of the regulator-operator-auditor loop to help you through the process. This service incorporates Baseline data verification (Formerly "NIMS") and New Entrant emissions for those sites expanding or starting up.
  • Split Verification
    By spreading verification across the year and reviewing data centrally, we can identify potential issues early, minimising the risk of non-compliance and ensuring that verification can be carried out cost-effectively and with minimum disruption to you.
  • Site Closure Verification
    Lucideon performs ‘site closure' verification for sites that require verification of items to leave a mandatory scheme. Lucideon has the capacity to provide verification at short notice to the timeframe your Competent Authority sets.

We offer:

  • Single Site Verification
    For single-sited companies or multi-sited companies where sites operate independently.
  • Multi Site Verification
    For companies with common reporting, across sites within one or more countries. Here a central data verification at head office is accompanied by compliance visits to the actual sites. This approach has been adopted by many large companies AND trade associations who manage carbon reporting for their clients.
  • Remote Verification
    Lucideon has perfected an unrivalled system for remote verification. Clients in the offshore industry have benefited from this for several years. For some classes of installation there is the potential to waive site visits For those clients with suitable installations Lucideon will help them through the process of obtaining site visit waivers.

Why Lucideon?

  • We have been providing independent verification since the ETS Scheme started.
  • You will be appointed a dedicated lead auditor, who understands your industry and your concerns, and who will act as your single point of contact.
  • As a client you are entitled to discount rates on our ETS "The Basics" training courses.
  • Our robust procedures ensure that verification is carried out quickly and efficiently.
  • From quotation, through to the verification report and final opinion, all services are delivered electronically to ensure a quick turnaround time.
  • Where possible, data is verified centrally, minimising time and cost.
  • We have developed standardised verification protocols for many of the available carbon management software packages, ensuring timely and cost-effective verification.