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Power Generation and Utilities

Whether working with power generation, electricity, gas, water or waste, companies have their own unique blend of verification requirements. Lucideon CICS provides verification both to those who are active in just one area and a “joined-up” approach for those operators who have a complex range of services.



Power Generation and Electricity Transmission

The power sector is the biggest producer of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by volume. This means that is has been involved with emissions legislation for longer than any other sector, and has to obey the strictest rules in terms of compliance with legislation. Lucideon is the leading power sector verifier and individual verifiers are internationally renowned in this field.

Efficient service and solutions are needed to ensure compliance. At Lucideon, our policy of recruiting specialist GHG and energy management practitioners has enabled our power sector clients to benefit from the most effective, efficient and pragmatic verification solutions.

Lucideon verifiers know their way around a power station regardless of whether it burns:

  • coal
  • peat
  • biomass
  • oil
  • natural gas
  • or a combination of the above

Additionally, we work closely with the relevant agencies and regulators to enable our verifiers and clients to stay informed on key issues such as:

  • emission factors
  • fuel sampling methodologies and laboratory results
  • tiers of verification
  • uncertainty assessment
  • oxidation factors

Our verifiers are also familiar with the electricity grid characteristics for individual countries and understand the importance of applying correct emission factors for individual regions (especially where green electricity plays a major part). We also know that, for installations where electricity transmission occurs, the accounting for this is crucial because of the high Global Warming Potential (GWP) of SF6.

Lucideon verifiers also work with organizations that want or need to verify their electricity usage as an indirect (Scope 2) emission, particularly those with a high usage.

Gas and gas storage

As natural gas usage increases over that of other fossil fuels we are seeing a greater emergence of gas storage facilities and distribution networks. Our verifiers in the CICS power generation team are familiar with the intricacies of gas storage and distribution and can therefore confidently assist you with issues such as exclusions and losses.


Understanding the carbon footprint of water supply (extraction, treatment, supply) and the treatment of wastewater are all part of our remit under the normal verification protocols. Additionally, water footprinting is an area of increasing interest and Lucideon is looking to become an accredited verifier once there is a consensus on the methodology.


Throughout the last decade the verification of waste has been a hot topic and largely at the mercy of economic forces. It is important that recycling rates are verified to add credibility to claims from organizations and to help formulate government policy.

An independent verification of the recycled content of a material will provide you with the opportunity to differentiate your organization from your competitors.