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Sustainability & Environmental Report Assurance

Sustainability & Environmental Report Assurance and Independent Verification

Are you one of the many organisations that has realised the financial and environmental benefits of committing to sustainability? Why not add value to your Sustainability or Environmental Report by having it independently verified by Lucideon?



How does Independent Assurance Add Value?

  • your report will be credible - your sustainability claims and data will have been independently assured by a competent, experienced and rigorous verifier
  • having accurate data ensures that resources (energy, carbon and water) can be managed effectively in future - allowing you to pinpoint areas where reductions can be made and costs saved
  • showing that you have invested in independent verification gives your stakeholders confidence in your report - and confident stakeholders are more likely to invest and buy from you
  • independent assurance can help to distinguish you from competitors who have not had their report verified or who have had only had it checked internally
  • you can avoid being branded with the ‘greenwash' label - independent assurance means that your report has validity

Why choose Lucideon for your Independent Sustainability Assurance?

  • with over $5 billion of CO2 verified to date, we have many years of experience of sustainability verification across many different industries
  • a team of experienced verifiers who can tailor a sustainability auditing program specifically for your business, whether you are a major international company with complex operations or a single site organization, under the direction of a dedicated Lead Auditor
  • reliable and trustworthy auditing procedures to give your stakeholders confidence in your Sustainability/Environmental Report
  • we pride ourselves on building a good working relationship with you and providing great customer service