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Case Study

Lucideon Certifies DECC’s Energy Management System to ISO 50001

DECC (Department of Energy & Climate Change) works to make sure that the UK has secure, clean, affordable energy supplies and promotes international action to mitigate climate change. One of DECC’s four priority areas, as stated in its Business Plan, is saving energy.

The challenge

As part of DECC's dedication to this plan, Lucideon was asked to independently certify its energy management system (EnMS) to the internationally recognised standard ISO 50001.

What we delivered

The certification process consisted of pre-assessment audit, followed by stage 1 and stage 2 assessments. The assessments review the systems in place, raise non-conformities and give recommendations for improvement which help to eventually achieve certification.

Lucideon assessed DECC's EnMS at two sites in London, a combination of adjoining buildings which include offices and kitchens encompassing the work environments of 1,350 staff. The assessments, to verify the existence of a suitable EnMS and its effective implementation and maintenance, resulted in DECC successfully achieving ISO 50001 certification.

Value to the client

Achieving certification enables DECC to lead by example; by measuring and monitoring its energy consumption it can find ways to use energy more efficiently as well potentially reduce costs across the organization.

Tim Watts, Operations Manager, Assurance at Lucideon says: "We are delighted to award DECC its ISO 50001 certification. It is encouraging to see a Government department adopt this relatively new management systems standard and we hope that it will prompt other organizations to do the same.

"The structured routine assessment we provide will ensure that DECC's EnMS is maintained and monitored, thereby improving the effectiveness of both their system and their processes, leading to continual improvement in efficient energy management and the identification of further cost reductions."

DECC is now also able to use the prestigious Lucideon ISO 50001 assurance mark to promote its sustainability practices.